The QL plugins and extensions allow you to write and run QL queries locally in your IDE. They can be used to analyze snapshots downloaded from LGTM or created using QL command-line tools. 

Key features include:


If you want to try out QL before installing QL for Eclipse or QL for Visual Studio, you can use the query console at .

To learn more about the QL language, visit the

Getting started with QL for Eclipse

QL for Eclipse (formerly known as "Semmle Studio") is a plugin available for use within the Eclipse IDE environment. There are two versions available:

The following installation options are available: 

QL for Eclipse pluginQL for Eclipse standalone

Ideal for people who already use Eclipse


Ideal for people who don't have Eclipse installed


For more information about using QL for Eclipse, see the QL for Eclipse help.

Getting started with QL for Visual Studio

QL for Visual Studio is an extension available for use within the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE environment as a VSIX installer. Currently, this extension is available only as a licensed version.

For installation instructions, see Installing QL for Visual Studio.

For more information about using QL for Visual Studio, see the QL for Visual Studio help.