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Analysis in all applications

The following changes in version 1.19 affect C# analysis in all applications.

### Changes to the autobuilder

During code extraction, when determining the target of `msbuild` or `dotnet build`, the autobuilder now looks for:

* `.proj` files,
* then `.sln` files,
* and finally `.csproj`/`.vcxproj` files.

In all three cases, when multiple files of the same type are found, the project/solution file closest to the root is used to build the project.

### Control flow graph improvements

* The control flow graph construction now takes simple Boolean conditions on local scope variables into account. For example, in `if (b) x = 0; if (b) x = 1;`, the control flow graph will reflect the fact that taking the `true` (resp. `false`) branch in the first condition implies taking the same branch in the second condition. In effect, the first assignment to `x` will now be identified as being dead.
* Code that is only reachable from a constant failing assertion, such as `Debug.Assert(false)`, is considered to be unreachable.

## New queries

| **Query**                   | **Tags**  | **Purpose**                                                        |
| Uncontrolled format string (`cs/uncontrolled-format-string`) | security, external/cwe/cwe-134 | Finds data flow from remote inputs to the format string in `String.Format`. Results are shown on LGTM by default. |
| Using a package with a known vulnerability (`cs/use-of-vulnerable-package`) | security, external/cwe/cwe-937 | Finds project build files that import packages with known vulnerabilities. Results are shown on LGTM by default. |

## Changes to existing queries

| **Query**                  | **Expected impact**    | **Change**                                                       |
| Cross-site scripting (`cs/web/xss`) | More results | Finds cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in ASP.NET Core applications. |
| Inconsistent lock sequence (`cs/inconsistent-lock-sequence`) | More results | Finds inconsistent lock sequences globally across calls. |
| Local scope variable shadows member (`cs/local-shadows-member`) | Fewer results | Results have been removed where a constructor parameter shadows a member, because the parameter is probably used to initialize the member. |

## Changes to code extraction

* Arguments passed using `in` are now extracted.
* Fixed a bug where the `dynamic` type name was not extracted correctly in certain circumstances.

## Changes to QL libraries

* `getArgument()` on `AccessorCall` has been improved so it now takes tuple assignments into account. For example, the argument for the implicit `value` parameter in the setter of property `P` is `0` in `(P, x) = (0, 1)`. Additionally, the argument for the `value` parameter in compound assignments is now only the expanded value, for example, in `P += 7` the argument is `P + 7` and not `7`.
* The predicate `isInArgument()` has been added to the `AssignableAccess` class. This holds for expressions that are passed as arguments using `in`

Additional changes for analysis in QL tools and applications only

There are no additional changes that affect C# analysis only in QL for Eclipse, and the QL command-line tools.