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Setting up Semmle Insight server: Part 3

This topic is the third part of a series of topics that step you through the process of setting up a Semmle Insight server. In this topic you will learn how to start an Insight server that will subsequently:

  • Receive data stored on the local file system.
    This assumes that the Insight server is installed on the Team Insight master server, where the analysis results are stored.
  • Receive data over an SSH connection.
    This assumes that the Insight server is not installed on the master server. This method relies on having an SSH connection between the master server and the machine that hosts the Insight server. From the master server you initiate an SSH connection to the Insight server's host, and then run the insightClient program remotely on the Insight server's host, passing it analysis data through the SSH connection.

The insightClient program delivers the data to the Insight server. After it has received a data delivery, the Insight server loads the data into the SQL database according to a predefined transaction schedule.


An alternative way of running the Insight server remotely from the master server is to set it up as a web service, see Setting up an HTTPS Insight Server service.



  • You must have worked through the first two parts of the Insight server setup process:
    1. Creating a database for Insight data
    2. Defining an Insight server configuration file—If you have completed this step you will have a workspace directory containing an insight-server.xml configuration file.
  • If you are not running the Insight server on the Team Insight master server, SSH must be installed on the master server and the host machine of the Insight server. 

Starting an Insight server instance

When you have created a database configuration file, stored it in a workspace directory, and installed and tested SSH, you are ready to start an instance of the Insight server. 

To start an Insight server for use over SSH

Use the insightServer command to start the Insight server.

For example, if the workspace directory for an Insight server service used for Team Insight data is /home/youruser/ti-IS-workspace you would use the command:

odasa insightServer /home/youruser/ti-IS-workspace

If the command runs successfully it returns you to the command prompt without any output.

You can communicate with the Insight server in two ways:


For Insight servers that receive data from a local location, or over SSH, each Insight server instance inserts data into just one database. If you have additional databases for Enterprise Insight or Team Insight data then you must start additional Insight server instances to update these databases.

What next?

Having started the Insight server, you are now ready to publish data to it.

For the final part of the Insight server setup process, choose one of the following topics: 


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