Semmle 1.20
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This topic gives an overview of the tasks needed to set up Semmle Core on a new server. By default, Semmle Core is located in a directory called odasa (the previous name for Semmle Core). If the server already contains Semmle Core, see Managing an installation of Semmle Core for information about how to update the installation.


A basic installation of Semmle Core consists of the following components:

  • Command-line tools – used to collect and process data.
  • Semmle queries and their help files – standard analyses for each programming language supported.

Once the basic installation is set up, then you are ready to create and analyze your own projects. See Getting started: creating a project for further information.

Essential tasks

When you set up Semmle Core on a new server, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Installing Semmle Core – to make the command-line tools and Semmle queries available.
  2. Setting up the environment – to define the environment variables required and enable the command-line tools for the current session.

What next?

When you have finished setting up Semmle Core, you create your own projects for analysis. See the following topics for more information: