Semmle 1.18
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This topic gives an overview of the tasks needed to set up Semmle Core on a new server. By default, Semmle Core is located in a directory called odasa (the previous name for Semmle Core). If the server already contains Semmle Core, see:


A basic installation of Semmle Core consists of the following components:

  • Command-line tools – used to collect and process data.
  • Semmle queries and their help files – standard analyses for each programming language supported.

Once the basic installation is set up, then you are ready to start analyzing projects using Semmle Team Insight or to create a project and define a dashboard for standalone analysis.

Essential tasks

When you set up Semmle Core on a new server, then you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Installing Semmle Core – to make the command-line tools and Semmle queries available.
  2. Setting up the environment – to define the environment variables required and enable the command-line tools for the current session.

What next?

When you have finished setting up Semmle Core, you can go ahead and set up Semmle Team Insight: see Introduction to Team Insight administration .