Note: This documentation is for the legacy command-line tool odasa.
The final version was released in May 2020. Support for this tool expires in May 2021.

For documentation on the new generation CodeQL CLI, see CodeQL CLI .
In particular, you may find the Notes for legacy QL CLI users useful in planning your migration.

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Legacy QL command-line tools

This space hosts the documentation for the legacy QL command-line tools, invoked using the odasa command. These can be used for building and analyzing software projects to highlight errors, identify potential security vulnerabilities and calculate project metrics. Analysis is carried out using CodeQL queries.

A new generation CodeQL CLI was released at the end of 2019 and this provides a more flexible and more robust tool for building and analyzing code. For more information, see CodeQL CLI .
In particular, you may find the Notes for legacy QL CLI users useful in planning your migration to the new CLI.

Use the links below to learn more about CodeQL and LGTM.

CodeQL and LGTM documentation overview


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