Semmle 1.13
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About Studio

Studio is a plug-in for Eclipse that helps you to:

  • Write custom analyses using Semmle's unique query language
     The integration with Eclipse provides autocomplete, jump to definition, outline view, syntax checking and other writing aids offered by modern IDEs.
  • Test analyses against your chosen code database
    You can export a database from any project analyzed using Semmle Core and import it into Eclipse for testing analyses.
  • Compare results of different queries to help you fine-tune the analysis
    Highlighting differences between the results makes it easier to see whether each change gives a genuine improvement in precision or whether it simply changes the results.

Studio help

The following topics describe how to install and use Studio:

Please see QL primer for an introduction to the QL language and Learning QL for an overview of the resources available to learn how to write your own queries.

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