Semmle 1.16
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New name for product

In the 1.17 release of the Semmle product suite, Semmle Studio will be renamed "QL for Eclipse".

About Studio

Semmle Studio is an authoring environment for QL programs which provides IDE support for the QL language, and for querying snapshots downloaded from LGTM Enterprise or created by Semmle Core or Semmle Mend .

Key features include:

  • Autocompletion and jump to definition for QL types, predicates, and modules

  • Easy access to Semmle standard QL libraries and database schemas

  • QL program validation, compilation, and execution against a snapshot
  • Results display including jumping to relevant locations in the source code archive of the snapshot

  • History view of past queries which have been run, facilitating query development

If you want to try out QL before installing Studio or creating a snapshot, you can now use the query console at

Getting started

Studio is available for use within the Eclipse IDE environment in the following forms:


Semmle Studio pluginSemmle Studio standalone

Ideal for people who already use Eclipse


Ideal for people who don't have Eclipse installed



See the following help topics for more information:

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