Semmle 1.19
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About Mend

Semmle Mend is an IDE plugin or extension. It highlights code that breaks Semmle analysis rules directly in your IDE. Mend includes an Alerts view, which allows you to locate alerts by type or for a specific resource. 

Mend can be used in two modes:

  • Download analysis - In this mode, Mend displays analysis results that are generated remotely for a Semmle Project Insight dashboard and then downloaded and displayed within your IDE. 
    Benefits of download analysis:
    • Fast if the results are already available on a dashboard because these are reused without any additional analysis being performed.
    • You do not need a copy of the Semmle license to use this module of Mend.
  • Local analysis - When using this mode, the code stored locally on your computer is analyzed. This requires a Semmle license which may be loaded from your computer or downloaded from a Project Insight dashboard that has been set up to support this (see Supporting Mend local analysis users).
    Benefits of local analysis:
    • You can analyze changes that have been made locally but have not yet been included in the analysis performed for a Semmle Project Insight dashboard.
    • You do not need access to a running Project Insight dashboard unless you want to download a license and dashboard configuration to use.

Mend connects to a running instance of Project Insight, or uses a Mend Configuration file, so the configuration on the client side is minimal. In download analysis mode the alerts identified during remote analysis for the Project Insight dashboard are tightly mapped to the relevant elements in your local code. The downloaded alerts therefore appear in the right place even when the file has been edited since the most recent analysis available from Project Insight.

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