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About Enterprise Insight

Enterprise Insight is a dashboard web application that enables you to explore the productivity and quality of the coding performed by all the project teams in your portfolio – providing true insight into the return on investment for software. Semmle integrates information about coding activity and quality from your repositories with data from your standard financial and business reporting systems. This data is aggregated and stored in a SQL database for easy access using data visualization tools like QlikView or Tableau.

The resulting data is normally displayed as a series of views that aggregate data to provide different levels of detail according to the reporting structures used by your company, for example: division > business unit > project. These views provide valuable opportunities to benchmark projects against other and against open-source projects.

Enterprise Insight can be customized to provide additional views to focus on other aspects of the data.

LGTM Enterprise is our next generation product which builds on the strengths of Enterprise Insight to provide scalability and better workflow integration. Contact us for more information at your customer support contact address or at .

Getting started

Enterprise Insight aggregates data collected by Semmle Core.

Semmle Core is an analytics platform that produces detailed information about the quantity and quality of the code change contributions recorded by developers in your software repositories. This core data is combined with data imported from third-party systems to give wider insight into the work of the development teams.

We recommend that you start by:

When you've finished installing Semmle Core and creating a project, you may want to experiment with collecting data for Enterprise Insight.

Enterprise Insight administration

The following topics explain how to set up and maintain Enterprise Insight for a project:

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