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Semmle analysis identifies code that breaks rules of best coding practice. The results are viewed in two key ways:

  • Aggregated to show a broad view of how code quality changes over time for projects, for example, in Semmle Team Insight, providing the data needed to make strategic decisions.
  • Integrated into the existing development environment to provide the support needed to improve productivity.

Helping you improve productivity

Integration of Semmle analysis with the tools used by developers every day helps developers write cleaner code, aids refactoring work, and supports the code review process—leading to improved product quality. Semmle Mend displays results directly in your IDE so that, as you edit the source code, you can see detailed information about code that breaks the rules chosen for the project.

Semmle analysis is often integrated into continuous integration and code review systems simply by creating custom scripts to call the relevant command-line tools, see Installing Semmle Core for details of how to get started. Semmle also offers software that allows you to:

About our standard rules

For an overview of the standard rules included with Semmle analysis, see:

You can modify the queries used to test code for these rules and write queries to test for your own rules using Semmle QL.


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