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LGTM Enterprise combines the trusted, tried, and tested Semmle analyses with an intuitive web application that is easy to set up and use, and includes integrations with a variety of software development tools. LGTM Enterprise provides engineering analytics to everybody involved in the software development process through a variety of interfaces: ranging from line-by-line alerts in our built-in code browser and seamless integration through automated code review for pull requests, to aggregated high-level analytics in Tableau and Qlikview workbooks for managers, directors, and executives. With LGTM Enterprise, Semmle offers a complete software engineering analytics solution in a single product that integrates seamlessly in a variety of development environments.

If you want to try out LGTM Enterprise without installing it: have a look at —the community version of LGTM that runs in the cloud! At the time of writing, continuously analyzes every commit of over 55,000 open source projects that are developed on GitHub and Bitbucket by over 300,000 developers. The results of our analyses are freely available, and our queries are continuously improved using feedback and suggestions from the open source community and from our collaboration with customers. The machine learning models used in both and LGTM Enterprise have been trained using data from over 10 million commits analyzed by

Since the launch of, our security team has reported a large number of security vulnerabilities to open source projects, including the (in)famous Apache Struts remote code execution vulnerability. For that, and other stories, please visit the blog.

The LGTM Enterprise product comes with a number of enterprise features that are not available on, including tight integrations for authentication and permissions management, support for Subversion, and business intelligence capabilities through standard BI tooling (including Tableau and Qlikview). Most importantly: LGTM Enterprise is an on-premises product. No data or code will leave your networks, all analysis is performed on-site.

LGTM Enterprise is available to all Semmle customers; please get in touch with your technical support contact if you are interested in using (or migrating to) LGTM Enterprise. We are happy to discuss the system and development environment requirements with you, and are of course available to assist with the installation of LGTM.

Full online help for LGTM Enterprise is available at

If you're not yet a customer, contact to find out more. 

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