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The default analysis for each language is configured to use parameters and queries suitable for most code bases. For some code bases, you may find that you get better results if you fine tune the analysis. The main ways of customizing analysis are:

  1. Change the extraction of the project to customize snapshot database generation.
  2. Modify the dashboard configuration.
  3. Extend a QL library to cover custom libraries.

Customizing extraction of the code base

Some languages have additional options that you can use to control the extraction of the project and customize how the files are converted into a snapshot database. For example, you can include or exclude specific types of file. For more information see:

See also Managing projects.

Modifying the dashboard configuration

You can edit any dashboard configuration to add or remove queries from the set that you use to analyze snapshot databases. For example, you can change the queries that are run to reflect your organization's default rule set. For more information see Managing dashboards.

Extending the QL library

Some QL libraries are set up to make it easy to extend the entry points for analysis to include custom libraries. For example, you can define additional libraries for the Java dead code or C security packs. For more information see:

If you want to customize analysis further, you may want to try writing your own custom queries: see Learning QL for more information.

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