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Analysis in all applications

The following changes in version 1.19 affect C# analysis in all applications.

Changes to the autobuilder

During code extraction, when determining the target of msbuild or dotnet build, the autobuilder now looks for:

  • .proj files,
  • then .sln files,
  • and finally .csproj/.vcxproj files.

In all three cases, when multiple files of the same type are found, the project/solution file closest to the root is used to build the project.

Control flow graph improvements

  • The control flow graph construction now takes simple Boolean conditions on local scope variables into account. For example, in if (b) x = 0; if (b) x = 1;, the control flow graph will reflect the fact that taking the true (resp. false) branch in the first condition implies taking the same branch in the second condition. In effect, the first assignment to x will now be identified as being dead.
  • Code that is only reachable from a constant failing assertion, such as Debug.Assert(false), is considered to be unreachable.

New queries

Query Tags Purpose
Uncontrolled format string (cs/uncontrolled-format-string) security, external/cwe/cwe-134 Finds data flow from remote inputs to the format string in String.Format. Results are shown on LGTM by default.
Using a package with a known vulnerability (cs/use-of-vulnerable-package) security, external/cwe/cwe-937 Finds project build files that import packages with known vulnerabilities. Results are shown on LGTM by default.

Changes to existing queries

Query Expected impact Change
Cross-site scripting (cs/web/xss) More results Finds cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in ASP.NET Core applications.
Inconsistent lock sequence (cs/inconsistent-lock-sequence) More results Finds inconsistent lock sequences globally across calls.
Local scope variable shadows member (cs/local-shadows-member) Fewer results Results have been removed where a constructor parameter shadows a member, because the parameter is probably used to initialize the member.

Changes to code extraction

  • Arguments passed using in are now extracted.
  • Fixed a bug where the dynamic type name was not extracted correctly in certain circumstances.

Changes to QL libraries

  • getArgument() on AccessorCall has been improved so it now takes tuple assignments into account. For example, the argument for the implicit value parameter in the setter of property P is 0 in (P, x) = (0, 1). Additionally, the argument for the value parameter in compound assignments is now only the expanded value, for example, in P += 7 the argument is P + 7 and not 7.
  • The predicate isInArgument() has been added to the AssignableAccess class. This holds for expressions that are passed as arguments using in

Additional changes for analysis in QL tools and applications only

There are no additional changes that affect C# analysis only in QL for Eclipse, and the QL command-line tools.

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