Semmle 1.22
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About the QL language

QL is the query language that underpins Semmle's analysis. Visit the new to view the resources available to learn more about the QL language, tools and queries.

Learning QL

Visit the Learning QL home page for a full list of resources available to help you learn to write QL, including tutorials, practical suggestions for writing queries, background technical information and comprehensive reference topics.

QL tools

There are a number of tools you can use to write and run QL queries locally and see the results of analyses:

The Semmle QL open source repository

The Semmle QL open source repository contains the standard QL libraries and queries that power LGTM and the other products that Semmle makes available to its customers worldwide. Contributions and improvements are welcome—visit the repository to learn more.

For any questions or feedback relating to documentation, please contact For any other support issues, please contact your organization's email address. Using your organization's support address ensures that your message will be received as soon as possible by a member of our support team, even when the staff that you normally speak to are out of the office or on holiday.

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