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Name: Variable defined multiple times

Description: Assignment to a variable occurs multiple times without any intermediate use of that variable

ID: py/multiple-definition

Kind: problem

Severity: warning

Precision: very-high

Query: MultiplyDefined.ql
 * @name Variable defined multiple times
 * @description Assignment to a variable occurs multiple times without any intermediate use of that variable
 * @kind problem
 * @tags maintainability
 *       useless-code
 *       external/cwe/cwe-563
 * @problem.severity warning
 * @sub-severity low
 * @precision very-high
 * @id py/multiple-definition

import python
import Definition

predicate multiply_defined(AstNode asgn1, AstNode asgn2, Variable v) {
   * Must be redefined on all possible paths in the CFG corresponding to the original source.
   * For example, splitting may create a path where `def` is unconditionally redefined, even though
   * it is not in the original source.

  forex(Definition def, Definition redef |
    def.getVariable() = v and
    def = asgn1.getAFlowNode() and
    redef = asgn2.getAFlowNode()
    def.isUnused() and
    def.getARedef() = redef and

predicate simple_literal(Expr e) {
  e.(Num).getN() = "0"
  e instanceof NameConstant
  e instanceof List and not exists(e.(List).getAnElt())
  e instanceof Tuple and not exists(e.(Tuple).getAnElt())
  e instanceof Dict and not exists(e.(Dict).getAKey())
  e.(StrConst).getText() = ""

 * A multiple definition is 'uninteresting' if it sets a variable to a
 * simple literal before reassigning it.
 * x = None
 * if cond:
 *     x = value1
 * else:
 *     x = value2
predicate uninteresting_definition(AstNode asgn1) {
  exists(AssignStmt a | a.getATarget() = asgn1 | simple_literal(a.getValue()))

from AstNode asgn1, AstNode asgn2, Variable v
  multiply_defined(asgn1, asgn2, v) and
  forall(Name el | el = asgn1.getParentNode().(Tuple).getAnElt() | multiply_defined(el, _, _)) and
  not uninteresting_definition(asgn1)
select asgn1,
  "This assignment to '" + v.getId() +
    "' is unnecessary as it is redefined $@ before this value is used.", asgn2 as t, "here"

Multiple assignments to a single variable without an intervening usage makes the first assignment redundant. Its value is lost.


Ensure that the second assignment is in fact correct. Then delete the first assignment (taking care not to delete right hand side if it has side effects).


In this example, x is assigned the value of 42 but then the value is changed to 12 before x is used. This makes the first assignment useless.

x = 42
x = 12
print x