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Name: Use of debugger statement

Description: The 'debugger' statement should not be used in production code.

ID: js/debugger-statement

Kind: problem

Severity: recommendation

Precision: medium

Query: DebuggerStatement.ql
 * @name Use of debugger statement
 * @description The 'debugger' statement should not be used in production code.
 * @kind problem
 * @problem.severity recommendation
 * @id js/debugger-statement
 * @tags efficiency
 *       maintainability
 *       language-features
 *       external/cwe/cwe-489
 * @precision medium

import javascript

from DebuggerStmt ds
select ds, "Do not use 'debugger'."

The debugger statement should only be used during debugging, and should not appear in production code.


Remove all debugger statements.


The following implementation of Quicksort contains a debugger statement which can be removed without affecting the program's functionality.

function qsort(a) {
    if (a.length == 0) return [];
    var left = [], right = [], pivot = a[0];
    for (var i = 1; i < a.length; i++) {
        a[i] < pivot ? left.push(a[i]) : right.push(a[i]);
    return qsort(left).concat(pivot, qsort(right));