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Name: Password in configuration file

Description: Storing unencrypted passwords in configuration files is unsafe.

ID: js/password-in-configuration-file

Kind: problem

Severity: warning

Precision: medium

Query: PasswordInConfigurationFile.ql
 * @name Password in configuration file
 * @description Storing unencrypted passwords in configuration files is unsafe.
 * @kind problem
 * @problem.severity warning
 * @precision medium
 * @id js/password-in-configuration-file
 * @tags security
 *       external/cwe/cwe-256
 *       external/cwe/cwe-260
 *       external/cwe/cwe-313

import javascript
import semmle.javascript.RestrictedLocations

 * Holds if some JSON or YAML file contains a property with name `key`
 * and value `val`, where `valElement` is the entity corresponding to the
 * value.
 * Dependencies in `package.json` files are excluded by this predicate.
predicate config(string key, string val, Locatable valElement) {
  exists(JSONObject obj | not exists(PackageJSON p | obj = p.getADependenciesObject(_)) |
    obj.getPropValue(key) = valElement and
    val = valElement.(JSONString).getValue()
  exists(YAMLMapping m, YAMLString keyElement |
    m.maps(keyElement, valElement) and
    key = keyElement.getValue() and
    val = valElement.(YAMLString).getValue()

 * Holds if file `f` should be excluded because it looks like it may be
 * an API specification, a dictionary file, or a test or example.
predicate exclude(File f) {
  f.getExtension().toLowerCase() = "raml"

from string key, string val, Locatable valElement, string pwd
  config(key, val, valElement) and
  val != "" and
  // exclude possible templates
  not val.regexpMatch(Templating::getDelimiterMatchingRegexp()) and
    key.toLowerCase() = "password" and
    pwd = val and
    // exclude interpolations of environment variables
    not val.regexpMatch("\\$.*|%.*%") and
    not PasswordHeuristics::isDummyPassword(val)
    key.toLowerCase() != "readme" and
    // look for `password=...`, but exclude `password=;`, `password="$(...)"`,
    // `password=%s` and `password==`
    pwd = val.regexpCapture("(?is).*password\\s*=\\s*(?!;|\"?[$`]|%s|=)(\\S+).*", 1)
  ) and
  not exclude(valElement.getFile())
select valElement.(FirstLineOf), "Hard-coded password '" + pwd + "' in configuration file."

Storing a plaintext password in a configuration file allows anyone who can read the file to access the password-protected resources. Therefore it is a common attack vector.


Passwords stored in configuration files should always be encrypted.

  • Common Weakness Enumeration: CWE-256.
  • Common Weakness Enumeration: CWE-260.
  • Common Weakness Enumeration: CWE-313.