CodeQL queries 1.25
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Name: Variable not initialized before use

Description: Using an uninitialized variable may lead to undefined results.

ID: cpp/not-initialised

Kind: problem

Severity: error

Query: NotInitialised.ql
 * @name Variable not initialized before use
 * @description Using an uninitialized variable may lead to undefined results.
 * @kind problem
 * @id cpp/not-initialised
 * @problem.severity error
 * @tags reliability
 *       external/cwe/cwe-457

 * See also InitialisationNotRun.ql and GlobalUseBeforeInit.ql

import cpp

 * Holds if `s` defines variable `v` (conservative).
predicate defines(ControlFlowNode s, Variable lv) {
  exists(VariableAccess va | va = s and va.getTarget() = lv and va.isUsedAsLValue())

 * Holds if `s` uses variable `v` (conservative).
predicate uses(ControlFlowNode s, Variable lv) {
  exists(VariableAccess va |
    va = s and
    va.getTarget() = lv and
    va.isRValue() and
    not va.getParent+() instanceof SizeofOperator

 * Holds if there is a path from the declaration of `lv` to `n` such that `lv` is
 * definitely not defined before `n`.
predicate noDefPath(LocalVariable lv, ControlFlowNode n) {
  n.(DeclStmt).getADeclaration() = lv and not exists(lv.getInitializer())
  exists(ControlFlowNode p | noDefPath(lv, p) and n = p.getASuccessor() and not defines(p, lv))

predicate isAggregateType(Type t) { t instanceof Class or t instanceof ArrayType }

 * Holds if `va` is a use of a local variable that has not been previously
 * defined.
predicate undefinedLocalUse(VariableAccess va) {
  exists(LocalVariable lv |
    // it is hard to tell when a struct or array has been initialized, so we
    // ignore them
    not isAggregateType(lv.getUnderlyingType()) and
    not lv.getType().hasName("va_list") and
    va = lv.getAnAccess() and
    noDefPath(lv, va) and
    uses(va, lv)

 * Holds if `gv` is a potentially uninitialized global variable.
predicate uninitialisedGlobal(GlobalVariable gv) {
  exists(VariableAccess va |
    not isAggregateType(gv.getUnderlyingType()) and
    va = gv.getAnAccess() and
    va.isRValue() and
    not gv.hasInitializer() and
    not gv.hasSpecifier("extern")

from Element elt
where undefinedLocalUse(elt) or uninitialisedGlobal(elt)
select elt, "Variable '" + elt.toString() + "' is not initialized."

This query finds variables that are used before they are initialized. Values of uninitialized variables are undefined, as not all compilers zero out memory, especially when optimizations are enabled or the compiler is not compliant with the latest language standards.


Initialize the variable before accessing it.


	int i;

	int g = COEFF * i; //i is used before it is initialized