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Finds cases where the 'userId' field in a request to another service is an arbitrary user-controlled value, indicating lack of authentication.

import javascript
import DataFlow
import DataFlow::PathGraph

 * Tracks user-controlled values into a 'userId' property sent to a backend service.
class IdorTaint extends TaintTracking::Configuration {
  IdorTaint() { this = "IdorTaint" }

  override predicate isSource(Node node) { node instanceof RemoteFlowSource }

  override predicate isSink(Node node) { exists(ClientRequest req | node = req.getADataNode()) }

  override predicate isAdditionalTaintStep(Node pred, Node succ) {
    // Step from x -> { userId: x }
    succ.(SourceNode).getAPropertyWrite("userId").getRhs() = pred

  override predicate isSanitizerGuard(TaintTracking::SanitizerGuardNode node) {
    // After a check like `if (userId ===`, the userId is considered safe.
    node instanceof EqualityGuard

 * Sanitize values that have succesfully been compared to another value.
class EqualityGuard extends TaintTracking::SanitizerGuardNode, ValueNode {
  override EqualityTest astNode;

  override predicate sanitizes(boolean outcome, Expr e) {
    e = astNode.getAnOperand() and
    outcome = astNode.getPolarity()

from IdorTaint cfg, PathNode source, PathNode sink
where cfg.hasFlowPath(source, sink)
select sink.getNode(), source, sink, "Unauthenticated user ID from $@.", source.getNode(), "here"