Class TaintTracking::TaintedDefinition

Warning: Advanced feature. Users are strongly recommended to use TaintSource instead. A source of taintedness on the ESSA data-flow graph. Users of the taint tracking library can override this class to provide their own sources on the ESSA graph.

Direct supertypes

Indirect supertypes

Known direct subtypes



Holds if this is a source of taint kind kind


Holds if this is a source of taint kind kind for the given context. Generally, this should not need to be overridden; overriding isSourceOf(kind) should be sufficient.

Inherited predicates

definedByfrom EssaNodeDefinition

Gets a use of this definition as defined by the SsaSourceVariable class.

from EssaNodeDefinition

Gets the ControlFlowNode corresponding to this definition

from EssaNodeDefinition

Gets the location of a control flow node that is indicative of this definition. Since definitions may occur on edges of the control flow graph, the given location may be imprecise. Distinct EssaDefinitions may return the same ControlFlowNode even for the same variable.

from EssaNodeDefinition

Gets a representation of this SSA definition for debugging purposes. Since this is primarily for debugging and testing, performance may be poor.

from EssaNodeDefinition
getScopefrom EssaNodeDefinition

Gets the source variable for which this a definition, either explicit or implicit.

from EssaNodeDefinition
getVariablefrom EssaDefinition

Holds if this definition reaches the end of b.

from EssaNodeDefinition
toStringfrom EssaNodeDefinition