Class Operand::MemoryOperand

An operand that reads a value from memory.

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Indirect supertypes

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Returns the operand that holds the memory address from which the current operand loads its value, if any. For example, in r3 = Load r1, m2, the result of getAddressOperand() for m2 is r1.

from Operand

Gets the Instruction whose result is the value of the operand.

from Operand

Gets a prefix to use when dumping the operand in an operand list.

from Operand

Get the order in which the operand should be sorted in the operand list.

from Operand

Gets a string describing this operand, suitable for display in IR dumps. This consists of the result ID of the instruction consumed by the operand, plus a label identifying the operand kind.

from Operand

Gets the Instruction that consumes this operand.

from Operand

Gets the kind of memory access performed by the operand. Holds only for memory operands.

from Operand
toStringfrom Operand