Class DataFlowImplCommon::CallContext

A call context to restrict the targets of virtual dispatch and match the call sites of flow into a method with flow out of a method.

There are four cases:

  • TAnyCallContext() : No restrictions on method flow.
  • TSpecificCall(Call call, int i) : Flow entered through the ith parameter at the given call. This call improves the set of viable dispatch targets for at least one method call in the current callable.
  • TSomeCall(ParameterNode p) : Flow entered through parameter p. The originating call does not improve the set of dispatch targets for any method call in the current callable and was therefore not recorded.
  • TReturn(Method m, MethodAccess ma) : Flow reached ma from m and this dispatch target of ma implies a reduced set of dispatch origins to which data may flow if it should reach a return statement.

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