Class LockFlow::BasicBlockWithReturn

A basic block that ends with a return statement.

Direct supertypes

Indirect supertypes

Inherited predicates

containsfrom BasicBlock
getAFalseSuccessorfrom BasicBlock
getANodefrom BasicBlock
getAPredecessorfrom BasicBlock
getASuccessorfrom BasicBlock
getATrueSuccessorfrom BasicBlock
getEnclosingFunctionfrom BasicBlock
getEndfrom BasicBlock
getNodefrom BasicBlock
getStartfrom BasicBlock

Holds if this element is at the specified location. The location spans column startcolumn of line startline to column endcolumn of line endline in file filepath. For more information, see LGTM locations.

from BasicBlock

Holds if this basic block is in a loop of the control-flow graph. This includes loops created by goto statements. This predicate may not hold even if this basic block is syntactically inside a while loop if the necessary back edges are unreachable.

from BasicBlock

DEPRECATED since version 1.11: this predicate does not match the standard definition of loop header.

from BasicBlock

Holds if control flow may reach this basic block from a function entry point or any handler of a reachable try statement.

from BasicBlock

Means not isReachable().

from BasicBlock

Gets the number of ControlFlowNodes in this basic block.

from BasicBlock

Gets a textual representation of this element.

from ElementBase