Installing QL for Visual Studio


QL for Visual Studio is an extension that allows you to write and run QL queries locally in your IDE. These topics explain how to run custom queries on project snapshots using the QL for Visual Studio extension.

LGTM for Visual Studio is a separate extension for downloading alerts from LGTM Enterprise, so that you can fix them easily in your IDE. For more information about this extension, see IDE integration for LGTM.

QL for Visual Studio primarily supports running queries on snapshots downloaded from LGTM Enterprise, and snapshots created using the QL command-line tools. To ensure your snapshots are compatible, make sure that the version numbers of QL for VS, LGTM Enterprise, and the QL command-line tools are the same. You may also analyze snapshots downloaded from, if they are compatible with your version of the extension. However, since the analysis used on is updated regularly, you may find that some snapshots cannot be analyzed, even with the most recent version of the extension. If this is the case, and you need to analyze snapshots downloaded from both LGTM Enterprise and, then you can still use the query console on


Currently this extension is available only as a licensed version. Contact your organization's system administrator for the QL for Visual Studio installer, or see the customer wiki (customer login required).

Installing the extension

QL for Visual Studio is installed by running a standard VSIX installer.

To install QL for Visual Studio
  1. Ensure that Visual Studio is closed.
  2. Double-click the QL for Visual Studio installer.
  3. In the VSIX Installer dialog box, you can see a list of all compatible versions of Visual Studio that were identified on the computer.
  4. Review the versions of Visual Studio displayed and select the applications that you want to add the extension to.
  5. Click Install to start the installation.
  6. On completion the dialog box is updated to show the result of the installation.

When you next open Visual Studio, you're ready to start using the extension.

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