What's new in this version

This page lists the recent updates to the plugin.

For information about how to upgrade, see Upgrading and updating CodeQL for Eclipse.


CodeQL for Eclipse can be used to analyze databases downloaded from LGTM Enterprise or generated using compatible versions of command-line tools. The new CodeQL extension for Visual Studio Code supports analyzing these databases and also databases downloaded from LGTM.com. You can install the CodeQL extension for Visual Studio Code from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. For more information on database compatibility, see Database compatibility.

Changes in version 1.24

  • This release includes improvements to the standard CodeQL libraries and queries. For detailed information about these changes, see QL analysis 1.24 on the GitHub public wiki.
  • As highlighted in the release notes for the previous version, CodeQL for Eclipse version 1.24 does not support analyzing COBOL source code. We are not aware of any customers who will be affected by this change. If you do have any concerns, please talk to your account manager before you upgrade.