What's new in this version

This page lists the recent updates to the plugin. Note that different versions of the plugin are updated at different times:

  • Enterprise version—updated with the main products at the end of every quarter.
  • Free version—kept in sync with LGTM.com, so may include additional features that have been added since the previous Enterprise release.

For information about how to upgrade, see Upgrading and updating QL for Eclipse.

Changes in version 1.18

QL for Eclipse version 1.18 includes a number of improvements to the plugin and the QL language.

The plugin itself contains the following changes:

  • Interactive result sorting—You can now sort results displayed in the Problems view by each displayed column. To do this, click the relevant column header.
  • Support for SARIF version 2—You can now export results displayed in the Problems view to SARIF version 1 or SARIF version 2. See Results export.
  • Improved rerun queries—All changes to the query are now detected when you rerun it. This includes any changes to the libraries that it imports. In earlier versions of the plugin, the original query was rerun, which was unexpected behavior for most users.
  • Option to set maximum paths—You can override the maximum number of paths to display for each alert found by a path query in the Preferences dialog. Display the Advanced preferences page and change the value of the Maximum number of paths per alert field.

This release also includes improvements to the QL language and the standard libraries and queries. For detailed information about these changes, see QL analysis 1.18 on the Semmle public wiki.

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