Path Explorer view


When you run a query in CodeQL for Eclipse, the results are displayed in the Results view. If the query is a path query, that is with property @kind path-problem, each query result describes the flow of information between a source and a sink. You can use the Path Explorer view to explore the paths along which information will flow between each source and sink.

Displaying the Path Explorer view

  1. Click Window > Show View > Other to display the Show View dialog box.
  2. Select Semmle > Path Explorer.
  3. Click OK to close the dialog box.

The Path Explorer view is initially empty. Paths are displayed in this area only when you select the result of a path query in the Results view.

Exploring paths

In the example above, the results in the Results view (center) are for a path query. When you double-click the first result, the file with the alert is opened in the Eclipse editor for that file type. In addition, the Path Explorer shows possible paths that data can take to cause the problem highlighted by the query.

Here there are four different paths to explore, from source to sink, for the alert selected in the Results view.

Available actions

  1. Click an arrow to expand/collapse a data path.
  2. Double-click an element in the path to display the source code for that part of the data path.

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