Importing a snapshot

Once you have downloaded or created a snapshot of a project, you are ready to import it into Eclipse and select it for use in QL for Eclipse.

Importing snapshots into Eclipse

To import a snapshot into Eclipse
  1. Click File > Import to open the Import dialog box.
  2. Click General > Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next.
  3. Click Select archive file then click the associated Browse button.
  4. Select the snapshot zip archive that you downloaded or created, typically named <project>--revision<date>.zip or <project>_<git branch>.zip.
  5. Select the projects that you want to import and click Finish.

Using a snapshot

If a snapshot is available for use in QL for Eclipse, it shows up in the Project Explorer with a purple QL icon ().

You can right-click it and select QL > Use This Database.

The selected database is marked with Current DB in the Project Explorer. For example:


If you import an older snapshot into QL for Eclipse, you should upgrade the snapshot before using it. For instructions and more information, see Upgrading a snapshot.

What next?

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