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Welcome to the help for CodeQL for Eclipse! For an overview of the latest updates in version 1.23, see What's new in this version.

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CodeQL for Eclipse is a plugin that allows you to write and run CodeQL queries locally in your IDE. These topics explain how to run custom queries on project snapshots (or CodeQL databases) using the CodeQL for Eclipse plugin.

LGTM for Eclipse is a separate plugin for downloading alerts from LGTM, so that you can fix them easily in your IDE. For more information about this plugin, see IDE integration for LGTM.

Suggested topics

Here is a selection of help topics you may find useful:

More documentation

For more information about CodeQL and to learn how to write queries, see Learning CodeQL.

Contact Semmle

For questions about CodeQL for Eclipse, you can contact Semmle in the following ways:

  • If you are using the free version of CodeQL for Eclipse downloaded from, get in touch using the LGTM forum.
  • If you are using the Enterprise version, get in touch using the support email address.

For comments or questions about Semmle documentation, email