Installing Mend for IntelliJ

This topic describes how to install the Semmle Mend for IntelliJ plugin.


Before you can install and configure Semmle Mend for IntelliJ, you need:

  • IntelliJ 14.0 or later versions.
  • Install file(s) provided by Semmle, that are available from the private wiki (customer login required).


Semmle Mend for IntelliJ supports the download of alerts from Project Insight. A separate plugin providing integration with LGTM Enterprise is available from July 2018. For more information, contact your LGTM administrator (within your organization).

Installing the plugin

To install Mend for IntelliJ
  1. Download the required install files from the private wiki (customer login required). The available files are:
    •—required for download and local analysis
    •—required for local analysis only
  2. Start IntelliJ.
  3. Display the Settings/Preferences dialog box:
    • If you use Windows on a PC, click FileSettings. The Settings dialog box is displayed.
    • If you are a Mac user, click IntelliJ IDEAPreferences. The Preferences dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click Plugins on the left pane.
  5. Click Install plugin from disk.
  6. Installing Mend

  7. In the Choose Plugin File dialog box displayed, locate and select the first Mend install file that you want to install (and that you downloaded in step 1) and then click OK:
    • or
  8. The Semmle Mend for IntelliJ plugin is added to the list of plugins in the Settings dialog box, and is enabled (check box ticked).
  9. Click Apply.
  10. When the installation finishes, you are prompted to restart IntelliJ to complete the process. We recommend that you click Restart unless you need to save some changes before restarting IntelliJ.
  11. If you want to install a second zip file, repeat steps 5 to 9 for the second file.

When IntelliJ has restarted, Semmle Mend for IntelliJ is ready to be configured to show results from one of the following:

  • A Project Insight dashboard
  • Locally performed analysis of Java projects

See Configuring Mend for IntelliJ to display results from Project Insight or Configuring local analysis in Mend for details of how to set up Mend for IntelliJ.

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