Installing Mend for Eclipse

This topic describes how to install the Semmle Mend for Eclipse plugin.


Before you can install and configure Semmle Mend for Eclipse, you need:

  • Eclipse installed. Eclipse supports the current and the two previous major versions. You can download the latest version of Eclipse from
  • Java 7 or higher. Mend needs to run on Java 7 or later.
  • Details of the Semmle Mend update site for your company, or a local zip archive file downloadable from the Semmle private wiki (customer login required).


Semmle Mend for Eclipse supports the download of alerts from Project Insight. A separate plugin providing integration with LGTM Enterprise is available. For more information, contact your LGTM administrator (within your organization).

Installing the plugin

We recommend that you install the Mend for Eclipse plugin using the Semmle Mend for Eclipse update site. This makes it easy to check for updates to the Mend plugin using the HelpCheck for Updates option.

To install Mend for Eclipse using an update site
  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. Open the Help menu and select Install New Software.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Add Repository

  5. In the Name box, type a name for the Semmle Software site and in the Location box type the URL for the Semmle update site.
  6. Note

    You can find the details of the Semmle Mend update site for your company on the Semmle private wiki (customer login required).

  7. When you have finished defining the Name and Location, click OK.
  8. Expand Semmle Products and select the components that you want to install:
  9. Installing Mend components

    • Semmle Mend—contains the core functionality of the plugin.
    • Semmle Mend Additional Features for Analysis of Java Projects—optional, contains components that are used for the analysis of Java projects (remote and local analysis).
    • Note

      If you only want to analyze projects written in languages other than Java (for example, C), you do not need to install this component.

    • Semmle Mend - Dashboard Connector—optional, install to enable downloaded analysis. This is used to view alerts found by Semmle Project Insight in the most recently analyzed snapshot.
    • Semmle Mend - Java Local Analysis—optional, install to enable local analysis for Java. This is used to analyze a local Java project.
  10. Click Next to display the Install Details page and then click Next to display the Review Licenses page.
  11. When you are ready to accept the license agreement and install the software, click Finish to install the software. The Installing Software dialog box is displayed and shows the progress of the installation.
  12. When the installation finishes, you are prompted to restart Eclipse to complete the process. We recommend that you click Restart Now unless you need to save some changes before restarting Eclipse.

When Eclipse has restarted, Semmle Mend for Eclipse is ready to be configured to show results from one of the following:

  • A Project Insight dashboard
  • Locally performed analysis of Java projects

Alternatively, you can install Mend using a local archive downloaded from the private wiki (customer login required). To do this, use the above instructions with steps 4 and 5 modified as follows:

To install Mend for Eclipse using a local zip archive
  1. Click the Archive button and select the zip archive that you would like to use, and click OK.
  2. When the archive path appears in the Location box, click OK.

See Configuring Mend for Eclipse to display results from Project Insight or Configuring local analysis in Mend for details of how to set up Mend for Eclipse.

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