LGTM Enterprise 1.24.1

Your profile

Your profile page summarizes the impact of your contributions to projects analyzed by LGTM. If LGTM analyzes a repository you've contributed to, you'll already have a profile page.

Displaying your profile page

When you log in to LGTM, your full name is displayed on the right of the menu bar. Click your name and then click Your profile to display your profile page.

The message "No data to show yet" is shown when we can't associate any commits, made to the projects analyzed by LGTM, with your account.

If you contribute to projects that are analyzed by LGTM and no data is displayed, the main reasons are:

  1. You commit changes using a different email address. To link additional email addresses to your LGTM account, see Showing all your contributions.
  2. You write code in an unsupported language (Which languages are supported?).
  3. Attribution of your changes failed—most likely because the previous commit could not be analyzed. When there's not enough data to attribute changes accurately to a contributor, the data is suppressed.

About your profile

There are four key areas:

Title bar—showing your full name and other details defined on your Account settings page

History chart—showing changes in the overall size (purple) and quality (red) of the codebase caused by your commits (high numbers of alerts indicate lower quality). Positive and negative bars show the lines added and deleted

Net contribution—showing the net impact of your changes on analyzed projects

Contribution summary—showing the impact of your changes by project and by language

Your profile summary

You may not have access to all the data on another user profile's page. It depends on the authorization level you've been assigned for each project they contribute to. In particular, note that:

  • You may not see the History chart
  • Some projects may appear under "other projects" at the bottom of the Contribution summary section
  • Some projects may be omitted altogether (you won't see them, or their statistics)
  • The Languages section may just list the languages and not contain any values

Title bar

You can edit the information displayed in the title bar using the Account settings page (see Managing your account). Most of the information is defined in the Public information section. The icon or icons to the right of your name relate(s) to the repository host account(s) that you used to connect to LGTM. The icons link directly to your profile on the other sites.

History chart

This is similar to the project history chart, but shows only the contributions that are attributed to one of the email addresses associated with your profile. For more information, see Viewing the history of a project.

Net contribution

This area sums impact of all the commits that LGTM associates with your account in the period selected in the history chart. The metrics shown are:

  • Commits—total associated with your account/number successfully analyzed and attributed
  • Alerts—total active alerts you've introduced/total alerts you have fixed
  • Lines—total lines of code and comments added/deleted to analyzed files

Contribution summary

This area includes one or more tables showing how your net contribution is split across different projects and different languages. Click a language or project to filter all results shown on the page. When a single language or a single project is shown, the most recent commits are shown on the page.

Use controls in the title bar to change or remove filters.