LGTM Enterprise 1.24.1

IDE integration for LGTM

There are two types of IDE integration available with LGTM:

LGTM plugins/extensions

Viewing alerts in your browser is useful, but it's better to have the information available in your IDE when you edit code.

The LGTM IDE plugins/extensions make it easy to view and fix existing problems as you're editing code. We offer LGTM plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ, and an LGTM extension for Visual Studio.

LGTM for Eclipse plugin overview

Eclipse plugin

LGTM for IntelliJ plugin overview

IntelliJ plugin

LGTM for Visual Studio extension overview

Visual Studio extension

About the IDE plugins/extensions

Each IDE plugin/extension is easy to configure to download alerts for one or more projects. By default, alerts are automatically refreshed with the latest information from LGTM when new data is available.


Plugin/extension IDE requirements
LGTM for Eclipse Eclipse current version, or one of the two previous major versions
LGTM for IntelliJ IntelliJ version 14.0
LGTM for Visual Studio Visual Studio 2013, 2015, and 2017

The plugins/extensions support all the languages that can be analyzed by LGTM Enterprise.

You can download the install files from the following locations on GitHub.com:

Make sure you download the version of the plugin or extension that corresponds to the version of LGTM Enterprise you're using. To check the version of your LGTM Enterprise instance, see What version of LGTM am I currently using?

Contact your LGTM administrator if you need further assistance.

CodeQL for Visual Studio Code extension

With CodeQL for VS Code, you can write your own semantic code analysis using the QL query language in your IDE. You can download CodeQL databases (previously known as QL snapshots) from LGTM Enterprise, add them to your workspace, and use them with the CodeQL extension.

CodeQL for Visual Studio Code extension overview

For more information on the CodeQL for VS Code extension, see Running queries in your IDE.

Contact your LGTM administrator if you want to install the CodeQL for VS Code extension.

More information

For details on the LGTM plugins/extensions, open LGTM Enterprise, search for "plugin" or "extension" and filter results to show topics in the embedded help.

CodeQL for Visual Studio Code extension