LGTM Enterprise 1.24

Exploring projects

Project repositories are the primary source of data for LGTM Enterprise. The detailed information generated by analyzing each repository is shown on the project page.

Project controls

The project page has badges and grades, as well as a number of tabs, under the project name:

Project controls

Project badges

The badge section underneath the project name contains:

  • Language badges—these show the languages that LGTM identified in the project, and currently analyzes. Click on a language badge to open the Build logs page, which displays the status of the most recent LGTM analysis for each language where it has been attempted. For more information on the information displayed in logs, refer to Using the log viewer.
  • A project badge—it displays the overall code quality grade for the project. For more information on project grading, see Project scoring and grading.

With the mouse, hover over the overall grade to show the grade for each language:

Overall code quality grade dropdown list

  • The individual code quality grades are for the latest successful build for that language. In the example above, LGTM assigned a code quality grade of A to the last successful builds for the C/C++, Java, JavaScript and Python languages.
    • If you click on the project grade for a specific language, LGTM opens the project comparison page for that project and language.
    • There is no grade for C# because project scoring and grading isn't available for this language.
    • Also, there won't be a language badge and language quality code grade for languages that LGTM didn't detect in the project. If you know that code was written in a supported language that LGTM failed to detect, you can try adding that language to the project.

Project tabs

Click the tabs to find out more about the project:

  • Alerts—Review the alerts found in the latest revision
  • Logs—View the build logs for the most recent analysis of the project
  • Files—Find alerts for specific files and directories in your project
  • History—View the history of the project
  • Contributors—See who the main contributors are
  • Compare—Compare this project with similar projects
  • Integrations—On this tab, you can:
  • Queries—On this tab, you can:

Note that some tabs are not available if sparse analysis or upload analysis is enabled for the project.

You can also add the project to your project list (click + Follow) and run custom queries on the latest revision (click Query this project).