LGTM Enterprise 1.22

What's new in this version

LGTM Enterprise version 1.22 focuses on improving security by general hardening of the infrastructure of LGTM. Many of these changes won't be noticeable to users and won’t affect the user experience. We’ve carried out this security-tightening exercise to reduce the potential attack surface. At this time, there are no known security vulnerabilities in the latest 1.21.x maintenance release.

In addition to these security-hardening efforts, this version contains a few enhancements to the existing functionality, improvements to the analysis of all languages, as well as various bug fixes.

Here's what's new in version 1.22 of LGTM Enterprise.

New in the main interface

The following changes and new features are available in LGTM's main interface.

New in the administration interface

The new features and changes described in this section affect elements of LGTM Enterprise that are administered from the application's administration interface.

What was new in previous versions