LGTM Enterprise 1.23.1

Preventing users from adding projects

LGTM Enterprise allows standard users to add projects for analysis from their My projects page by entering the URL for the project repository and clicking Add:

You may prefer to set up LGTM Enterprise so that standard users cannot add projects.

You can do this from the integration settings pages. If your LGTM Enterprise instance uses multiple repository hosts you can allow users to add projects associated with some integrations but not others.

Preventing users from adding projects in the main interface

The integration setting only affects the My projects page in the main interface. The ability for LGTM Enterprise administrators to add projects in the administration interface is unaffected.

To prevent standard users from adding projects hosted by a repository host:

  1. On the Integrations page of LGTM's administration interface, click the name of the integration you want to configure.

  2. Clear the selection on the check box labeled Allow adding projects through the frontend.

  3. Click Update.

Resulting interface behavior

If you clear the Allow adding projects through the frontend check box on all integration settings pages, the controls for adding a project are not displayed on the My projects page.

You might have multiple integrations that define repository access, with some set to allow standard users to add projects, and others configured to prevent this. In this situation, the controls for adding a project are displayed, but if a user attempts to add a project from a repository host that does not allow this, the following message is displayed:

Unfortunately you are not authorized to add projects from <integration-display-name>. Please contact an LGTM administrator.