LGTM Enterprise 1.20.2

Managing users

You can see details of all currently registered users on the Users administration page.

If your company uses repository hosting systems, such as GitHub Enterprise or Bitbucket Server, you can configure LGTM Enterprise to authenticate users through those systems. This minimizes the amount of work needed to manage users in LGTM. When you create an authentication provider for an external system, this enables users to log in to LGTM using their authentication details for that system.

Optionally, when you add a repository provider you can also use information from your existing repository host to control access to data for projects. For more information about authorization, see Adding authorization providers.

Users with repository host accounts

When you define authentication providers for your existing repository hosts, LGTM uses the information provided by those systems to allow users to log in to LGTM using their existing account details.

The first time a user accesses LGTM they are registered as a user. After this their account is shown on the Users page.

Adding extra user accounts

You'll probably need to create a few extra user accounts for people who don't have GitHub Enterprise or Bitbucket Server accounts, for example, managers. You can do this using the Add new user button displayed at the top of the Users page.

To add a new user:

  1. On the Users administration page, click Add new user.
  2. Define the user's email address.
  3. Define the required password in the Password and Password (confirm) fields.
  4. Define a display name.
  5. Click Add to create the new user.

The new user is created immediately and the Users page redisplayed.

If you have configured your repository provider(s) to use an external authorization provider, the new user will not be able to see any data until you override their default authorization level.

Deleting users

You can delete any user who was added to LGTM by an administrator.

To delete a user:

  1. On the Users administration page, enter the user's email address in the search box and press Return.
  2. When the user is listed, click the red Delete icon associated with their account.
  3. A Confirm action page is displayed:
    • To delete this user, click Yes.
    • To cancel the action and redisplay the administration page, click No.
  4. If you confirm the deletion, the user is deleted.

Users who have created an account by logging in using an external account cannot be deleted in LGTM. Instead you should override their authorization and set it to none globally.

Accessing the administration options

The administration pages are visible only to users who have been granted admin rights. Every user shown on the Users administration pages has either a Grant admin or Revoke admin button associated with their account:

  • To give a user account administration rights, click Grant admin.
  • To remove administration rights from an account, click Revoke admin.

The change takes affect immediately. Users with administration rights can see an extra Admin option in the menu bar of the main LGTM interface.

More information

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