LGTM Enterprise 1.22.1

Making IDE plugins available to users

There are two types of integrated developer environment (IDE) plugin available:

  • LGTM plugins—used by developers to download alerts from LGTM Enterprise and view them alongside the source code in their IDE.
  • QL IDE plugins—used by query writers to write and run QL queries locally in their IDE.

There are installers available for the following IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ (LGTM plugin only).

You can download the installers from the customer wiki:

We recommend that you make these installers available to users in a central, secure location and publish details of this location to users.

For installation instructions and help for the LGTM plugins, see the "IDE integration for LGTM" topic in the user help. For installation instructions for the QL plugins, see the online help for QL for Eclipse or QL for Visual Studio.


When you upgrade to a new version of LGTM, you should also make the new versions of the plugins available to users. This ensures that users can take advantage of any improvements.

Users who have only installed the LGTM plugin can often continue to use an older plugin with an upgraded LGTM Enterprise, but it is always preferable to upgrade to the latest version.