LGTM Enterprise 1.27

Loading an SSL certificate for LGTM

This topic is not relevant if you are running LGTM Enterprise on Kubernetes.

By default, LGTM Enterprise uses a self-signed SSL certificate. When you browse to your instance of LGTM the browser will not trust this certificate and will display a security message. To avoid this, upload a certificate that has been signed by a globally trusted certificate authority (CA).

To load a CA-signed SSL certificate for the domain at which the LGTM Enterprise web application is accessed:

  1. Go to the Settings page in LGTM's administration interface.
  2. On the General settings tab, scroll down to the SSL configuration section.
  3. Use the Select SSL certificate and Select SSL key buttons to enter the location of separate files that contain the certificate and key in PEM format.
  4. Click Update SSL configuration.

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