LGTM Enterprise 1.24

Deleting projects

You can schedule an unwanted project for deletion using the project administration page for the project. Reasons why you might do this include:

  • Deleting projects that you added for testing.
  • Deleting projects a user has added by mistake.

Deleting a project

Project deletion is a simple operation. Since the operation cannot be undone, you should always double-check that you have found the correct project before deleting it.

  1. Click Projects in the side panel of the administration interface to display the Projects page.
  2. Find the project you want to delete, possibly using the search field displayed at the top of the page (press Enter to start the search).
  3. Click the project URI link to display the administration pages for that project.
  4. On the Info tab, click Delete project to schedule the deletion of the project and all associated data.

    As soon as a project is scheduled for deletion LGTM hides the project from users. Shortly afterward it starts to delete analysis data.

    This action cannot be undone.

  5. A Confirm action page is displayed:
    • To delete this project, click Yes.
    • To cancel the request and redisplay the project administration page, click No.
  6. If you confirm the deletion, the Deleted tab of the project page is displayed. This shows the status of projects that are scheduled for deletion and a list of projects that have already been deleted.

What happens next?

The project is deleted in a series of steps that ensures data integrity and ensures that the project is immediately inaccessible to users. During this process the status of the project is shown on the Deleted tab of the project page as follows:

  • Preparing deleting—the project is inaccessible to users and no further analysis is started.
  • Deleting—the process of deleting data associated with the project from the data store is in progress.
  • Deleted—deletion of the project is complete.

Note that it may take a few days before the project is removed from the data exported to a business intelligence database and from the application statistics.

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