LGTM Enterprise 1.24

Defining your organization identifier

If you want to upload additional queries to run on LGTM, you first need to specify your organization identifier. You can specify this on the Settings administration page.

If the organization identifier is undefined, any per-project custom queries that users add are ignored.

What is the organization identifier?

Your organization identifier is used as a namespace to separate any extra queries you upload, from the standard queries provided with LGTM. This ensures that your queries are protected during upgrades, and helps to ensure that all queries have a unique combination of organization and query identifier. (That is, even if you upload a custom query with the same query identifier as a standard LGTM query, it will be treated as a separate query.)

The organization identifier will also be used by any future functionality that makes it possible to use query packs shared by other organizations.

What makes a good organization identifier?

An organization identifier is a sequence of words, separated by periods. For most organizations, reversing your domain name works well, for example: com.mycompany.

  • The organization identifier cannot contain uppercase letters, numbers or other symbols.

  • Once you upload a query pack to LGTM, you should not change your organization identifier. If you need to change the identifier, contact GitHub Support for instructions.

How do I set the organization identifier?

  1. Display the General settings tab of the Settings administration page.
  2. In the Organization identifier section, specify an identifier for your organization.
  3. Click Set organization identifier.

You can now add queries to LGTM by uploading query packs from the Code analysis administration page. For more information see Adding installation-wide custom queries to LGTM.

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