LGTM Enterprise 1.22.2



Deploy LGTM Enterprise to the local Linux machine using a configuration generated for that machine by the lgtm-config-gen.jar command. This script is used:

  • By the install.sh and upgrade.sh interactive deployment scripts.
  • When deploying a new LGTM installation, or an upgraded version, to the host machines that make up your LGTM cluster.
  • During a programmatic installation of upgrade (see the LGTM Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide).
  • When deploying cluster configuration changes.

For information about deploying LGTM Enterprise, see Editing and deploying the cluster configuration. For information about the equivalent script for Windows worker host machines, see install-machine.bat.

This script requires root access so you may need to run it using sudo.


On the machine where you want to deploy LGTM, locate the directory containing the generated files that you moved here from the coordinator machine. The name of this directory will match the hostname specified in the cluster configuration file. Typically this is <lgtm-releases-directory>/<lgtm-version>/generated/<hostname>. In this directory, run:

[sudo] ./install-machine.sh


This script performs the following actions. It:

  1. Installs the LGTM components specified by the cluster configuration file for this machine (using RPM or Debian packages).
  2. Copies any other generated files into the correct locations.
  3. Sets the permissions of the copied files.
  4. Runs lgtm-up to register and start the required LGTM services.

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