LGTM Enterprise 1.22.2



Deploy LGTM workers to the local Windows worker host machine using a configuration generated for that machine by the lgtm-config-gen.jar command.

For information about deploying LGTM Enterprise, see Editing and deploying the cluster configuration. For information about the equivalent script for Linux machines, see install-machine.sh.

This script must be run as an administrator.


Before you can run this command, you must have already generated the files required to configure this host and copied the resulting directory to the machine. The name of this directory will match the hostname specified in the cluster configuration file. In addition, you must also copy the lgtm-worker_<version>.msi into this <hostname> directory.

  1. On the machine where you want to deploy LGTM, locate the <hostname> directory.
  2. Run the install-machine.bat script stored in this directory using either:
    • User account: install-machine.bat <domain>\<username> <password>
    • Local system account: install-machine.bat

When you use a user account, it must have full access to the working directory specified for this machine in the cluster configuration (temp_path property). The account details are passed directly to sc.exe and used to set up services for LGTM. This account will run the LGTM worker daemons.

To specify a separate account called lgtmaccount on the local machine, use .\lgtmaccount.


This script performs the following actions. It:

  1. Installs the LGTM workers specified by the cluster configuration file for this machine.
  2. Copies the other LGTM scripts and any other generated files into the correct locations under %PROGRAMDATA%\LGTM\lgtm-worker.
  3. Runs lgtm-install-services.bat to register the required LGTM services.
  4. Runs lgtm-up.bat to start these services.

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