LGTM Enterprise 1.22.2



Give administration privileges to a user account. This is equivalent to clicking the Grant admin button on the Users administration page.


[sudo] lgtm-cli grant-admin [--verbose] [--verbosity <level>] [--name <name>] [--id <account-number>]


Flag Value Notes

Optional. Output more detailed information about actions. This increases the verbosity to level 4.

Default (without a --verbose or --verbosity setting): level 3 verbosity

--verbosity Level

Optional. Specify how much detail you want to be included in the output. 0 suppresses all output and 6 outputs all available information. As an alternative, you can use the verbose flag as shorthand for --verbosity 4.

Default (without a --verbosity or --verbose setting): 3

--name User name

The name of the user to edit. Typically this is their email address.

Exactly one of --name or --id must be specified.

--id Account number

The LGTM account number of the user to edit.

Exactly one of --name or --id must be specified.


To grant administrator access to a user with an account identifier of 123456789 and an email address of test-admin@example.com, you can use one of the following commands:

sudo lgtm-cli grant-admin --name test-admin@example.com
sudo lgtm-cli grant-admin --id 123456789

The increased access rights are immediately available to this user.

Account numbers are displayed on the Users page in the administration interface, where you can also grant or revoke administration privileges.