LGTM Enterprise 1.22.2



Create a new LGTM Enterprise user account. This is equivalent to adding a new user from the Users administration page.

The account is created immediately when you run the command.

If you have configured your repository provider(s) to use an external authorization provider, the new user will not be able to see any data until you override their default authorization level. For more details, see Managing users.


[sudo] lgtm-cli create-user [--verbose] [--verbosity <level>] [--email <address>] [--password <password>] --display-name <name>


Flag Value Notes

Optional. Output more detailed information about actions. This increases the verbosity to level 4.

Default (without a --verbose or --verbosity setting): level 3 verbosity

--verbosity Level

Optional. Specify how much detail you want to be included in the output. 0 suppresses all output and 6 outputs all available information. As an alternative, you can use the verbose flag as shorthand for --verbosity 4.

Default (without a --verbosity or --verbose setting): 3

--email Email address

The email address of the new user.

--password Password

The password the user will need to use to log in to LGTM Enterprise for the first time. They can then change their password in their account settings page.

--display-name User's name

The name that will be used for this person in the main interface of LGTM.

Users can change this themselves by editing the value of the Full name field in their account settings page.


sudo lgtm-cli create-user --email janesmith@example.com --password janeslgtmpassword --display-name "Jane Smith"

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