LGTM Enterprise 1.22.2

Changing the LGTM URL

Sometimes you may need to change the URL at which LGTM Enterprise is available. Perhaps it was misconfigured during installation, or maybe you want to make the application available to users at a different URL.

You can change the LGTM URL by editing the cluster configuration file and deploying this change to all machines in the control pool.

Editing the cluster configuration to change the URL

Edit the cluster configuration file on the coordination server and—in the web section—change the value of the external_url property.


Let's imagine a company with the domain example.com. They have an SSL certificate for all subdomains of example.com and they want to make LGTM Enterprise available at https://lgtm.example.com. The LGTM Enterprise control pool is installed on a single server called lgtmcontrol, so the hostname within the web section of the cluster configuration file is set to lgtmcontrol. The company have configured their DNS to map lgtm.example.com to lgtmcontrol which allows the external_url value to be changed to https://lgtm.example.com/.



  - hostname: "lgtmcontrol"

  external_url: "https://lgtm.example.com/"


    certificate_path: "/etc/ssl/server.crt"

    key_path: "/etc/ssl/server.key"

For detailed information on how to locate and edit this file see, Editing and deploying the cluster configuration.

Deploying the new URL

As for other changes to the cluster configuration, you need to generate a new set of files for the updated configuration and deploy them to all machines in the control pool. The process is the same as for other changes to the configuration.

If a separate web pool is defined, this change must also be deployed to all machines in the web pool.

This change does not need to be deployed to machines in the work pool.

For more information about the control and web pools, see Server overview.

Verifying the change

You have now changed the URL for the LGTM web application. If you navigate to the new URL, you should find LGTM is hosted at this new location.

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