LGTM Enterprise 1.22.2

Backup and restore

The recommended strategy for backing up LGTM Enterprise is to snapshot the cluster nodes on which LGTM control pool resources are running.


To back up your system, we recommend that you regularly take a snapshot of the virtual machine(s), or file system(s), on which LGTM is installed. Snapshots must include the:

  • File store: /var/lib/lgtm/minio
  • Database: /var/lib/lgtm/postgres

There is no need to back up /var/lib/lgtm/rabbitmq, indeed restoring the queue from a back up may cause problems.

When the file store and database are colocated, snapshots can be taken while the system is running. If they run on separate machines, or you want to use an alternative back up method, you should take down LGTM Enterprise (using the lgtm-down command) before backing up. This ensures that the two back ups are consistent.

Contact Semmle Support to discuss options for backing up LGTM Enterprise.


If you're using the recommended backup strategy:

  1. Use lgtm-down to bring down LGTM Enterprise.
  2. Replace the control pool virtual machine(s), or file system(s), with the most recent snapshot.
  3. Use lgtm-up to start LGTM Enterprise again.

You will lose all changes made since the snapshot was taken.

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