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Quickly analyze every revision of your project and explore the metrics and visualizations provided

Team Insight
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Analyze every revision of your project and explore the metrics, quality statistics and visualizations provided

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Team Insight analysis downloads data directly from the source code repositories and analyzes each revision. As each new revision is added to the repository, changes introduced in the revision are attributed to the developer who committed the revision. The core data can be extended with additional data, such as human resources (HR) data.

Light analysis analyzes each revision and provides productivity metrics such as net lines of code, net lines of comment, net lines of duplicated code, and net lines of test code. This type of analysis gives you a broad overview of the health of your portfolio and highlights potential outliers which you might want to investigate further using full analysis.

Full analysis analyzes every revision, building the code where necessary. Qualitative analysis is generated, including details of code that breaks rules of programming best practice, code that fixes previous issues, the number of tests a developer writes, and the amount of dead code in a project. This type of analysis requires more resources to set up and takes longer to run, but provides the in-depth analysis that you need to understand code quality and coding efficiency. The results of full Team Insight analysis are also fully customizable.

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