Frameworks and libraries

The libraries and queries in version 1.23 have been explicitly checked against the libraries and frameworks listed below.


If you’re interested in other libraries or frameworks, you can extend the analysis to cover them. For example, by extending the data flow libraries to include data sources and sinks for additional libraries or frameworks.

C# built-in support

Name Category
ASP.NET Web application framework
ASP.NET Core Web application framework
ASP.NET Razor templates Web application framework
EntityFramework Database ORM
EntityFramework Core Database ORM
Json.NET Serialization
NHibernate Database ORM
WinForms User interface

COBOL built-in support


CodeQL for COBOL is being deprecated after the 1.23 release of CodeQL. Future releases, starting with 1.24, will no longer contain support for analyzing COBOL source code. We are not aware of any customers who will be affected by this change. If you do have any concerns, please contact your account manager.

  • Embedded SQL
  • Embedded CICS

Java built-in support

Name Category
Hibernate Database
iBatis / MyBatis Database
Java Persistence API (JPA) Database
JDBC Database
Protobuf Serialization
Kryo deserialization Serialization
SnakeYaml Serialization
Spring JDBC Database
Spring MVC Web application framework
Struts Web application framework
Thrift RPC framework
XStream Serialization

JavaScript and TypeScript built-in support

Name Category
angularjs HTML framework
axios Network communicator
browser Runtime environment
electron Runtime environment
express Server
hapi Server
jquery Utility library
koa Server
lodash Utility library
mongodb Database
mssql Database
mysql Database
node Runtime environment
postgres Database
ramda Utility library
react HTML framework
request Network communicator
sequelize Database Network communicator
sqlite3 Database
superagent Network communicator
underscore Utility library

Python built-in support

Name Category
Bottle Web framework
CherryPy Web framework
Django Web application framework
Falcon Web API framework
Flask Microframework
Pyramid Web application framework
Tornado Web application framework and asynchronous networking library
Turbogears Web framework
Twisted Networking engine
WebOb WSGI request library